DeskPi ITX Case Kit for Super6C



chart DeskPi ITX Case Kit for Super6C


ITX Case kit for DeskPi Super6C is a Mini ITX series Case for DeskPi Super6C motherboard. 3 high speed fan provides super cooling effect for your Super6C Cluster. It provides you with the protection of the compact house structure, the acrylic shell on the top provides a better effect, allowing you to disassemble the shell in the case of Provide better effect to grasp the status information of each CM4.


  • Type: ITX Case Motherboard
  • Support: Super6C motherboard ONLY
  • Length Supported: 196mm x 220mm x 54mm
  • Storage Support: M.2 SATA SSD, M.2 NVME SSD, TF card.
  • Included Fans: 3 x 12V Fan
  • Dimension: 270x235x65 mm
  • SKU: DP-0010
  • Weight: gross weight/net weight: 1.230kg/1.04kg

Fan Specifications:

  • Power: 12V DC
  • Current: 0.05A
  • Speed: 6000RPM
  • Fan Air Volume 4.96CFM
  • Fan Air Pressure 21.16DBa

Product outlook


Product Includes

  • 1 x ITX Case
  • 6 x Aluminum heat sink for Raspberry Pi CM4 module.
  • 3 x Fan
  • 1 x Screwdriver ITXcase9
  • Front face ITXcase03

Power button

Short press – power on
Long press – force power off

Reset button

Functionality: * Press once – Reset the motherboard

NOTE: Every CM4 module will be restart at the same time, unsaved data may be lost, please pay attention to use it carefully

Inside ITX case


NOTE: Raspberry Pi CM4 modules are not included in the package. require additional purchase.

The case provides some features on super6C motherboard, such as USB port, you can connect the “USB cable” to super6C J6 pin header to extended the USB port to front USB port, and There are 3 Fan Cables for three Fans inside the case. you could connect them from FAN, FAN2, FAN3 on board. It also provides Power switch cable and Power LED cable and Reset cable which can connect to J18 Pin header to enable power button and reset button on front face.


Port definitions


Aluminum Heat sinks


Acrylic panel

ITXcase11 ITXcase8

How to assemble it

    1. Insert Raspberry Pi CM4 module onto Super6C motherboard.
    1. Paste thermal pad after pilling off the protection film. NOTE: Since there are many versions of CM4, the heat sink is customized with EMMC and WIFI version, which is backward compatible with the CM4 Lite version. When installing the heat sink, you only need to paste the thermal pad on the CPU.
    1. Fix aluminum heat sink with M2.5 screws.
    1. Repeat Step1 – Step3 six times.
    1. Fix Super6C motherboard to case with flat head screws.
    1. Connect USB extension cable to J6 Pin header as following figure. ITXcase06 ITXcase05
  • Fix acrylic panel with screws. ITXcase01 ITXcase08 ITXcase02