Getting Start

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How to build partition on disk

  • Reconnect SATA SSD to DeskPi Disk Adapter board
  • Format partitions and mount disks manually - Following steps:

  • Open a terminal or press "Ctrl+Alt+T".

  • Typing: "sudo fdisk -l" to check if the disk has been recognized or typing: "sudo lsusb -t", typing: "dmesg |grep -i usb" to make sure disk has been connected.

  • If the disk can be found by those commands, manually format and mount the partition:
    for example:

  • sudo fdisk /dev/sda - sda means my first SCSI type disk which recognized by my system. and press p. p means print current partitions that contains on the disk, and then press n,n means create a new partition, and then press p, means primary partion, press 1 means first partition number and then press Enter to set first celinder by the default number,press Enter again to setup the last celinder, here means to make the whole disk as one partion,after that, press w, w means save and quit, it will write the partion table to disk and quit.
  • Finally, you can typing: sudo partprobe /dev/sda in terminal.